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Welcome to the Paradise
The Andaman is Thailand’s turquoise coast; one of those places you see on a postcard that makes you want to quit your job and live in flip-flops…forever. For once, the beauty exceeds the hype. Pure-white beaches, some of the world's softest sand, cathedral-esque limestone cliffs and hundreds of jungle-covered isles extend down the Andaman Sea from the border of Myanmar to Malaysia. Phuket is the glitzy show-stealer, but head north and you'll uncover world-class dive sites, little-visited isles and Ranong's Thai-Myanmar flavour.
To the south, you can lazily island-hop past karst towers down to the Malaysian border. The catch? The Andaman Coast is no secret and its beaches are becoming increasingly crowded with backpackers, package tourists, high-end jet-setters and everyone in between. Flashy resorts are pushing out the bamboo shacks and authenticity largely now hides in the backwaters. But your postcard dream is still here – if you’re willing to look.
/jouk/The trip from Italy and Europe
Ready with ticket in hand with Thailand destination? From Italy you can reach Bangkok with either a direct flight with a stopover. Starting points can be either Milan orRome, since both cities are based on direct flights to Bangkok International Airport.
/jouk/Learn about Siam
Originally known as Siam, the Kingdom was unified in half of the 14th century andbecame a constitutional monarchy in 1932 after a nonviolent revolution ...
/jouk/The spirit of the trip
Speaking of Thailand there is for bad news, namely that flights to Bangkok is quite expensive.
/jouk/Tourists, by law, are required to carry their original passport.
Travelers of UE, as well as visitors to many Western countries, can enter the country with a 30-day free tourist visa issued upon arrival in Thailand.
/jouk/With More Than 30 Beaches In Phuket, Which One Is Best For Me
Few islands can boast of such an abundance of sandy beaches and clear waters as Phuket.
/jouk/Great variety and number of exciting events
Phuket is host to a great variety and number of exciting events on its beaches, on the water and around the island. Sport, culture, theatre, exhibitions, music, food... there is something to suit every taste and every mood, visitor or expatriate.
/jouk/we will recommend the hotel, guesthouse or bungalow in Phuket where to stay
Also is not a problem, we will recommend the hotel, guesthouse or bungalow in Phuket where to stay if you are looking for affordable accommodation with all the guarantees of cleaning and maybe in Italian
/jouk/Phuket offers a variety of luxury villas in a tropical setting
The Thailand is one of the best places to live or to buy a property and the luxury segment is at an early stage of growth, this makes Thailand an ideal country for real estate investors. Phuket is also known for good medical care, for the numerous modern shops, beautiful scenery, wonderful climate, good food, and friendly inhabitants.
/jouk/Golf Course | Campi Da Golf
La Thailandia, è rapidamente diventata una meta golfistica importante dell'Asia, che vanta oltre 100 campi da golf sparsi in tutto il paese. Molti di loro sono stati recentemente aperti con vegetazione lussureggiante e con circoli superbamente attrezzati. L'espansione rapida di strutture golfistiche in Thailandia è stata attribuita a vari fattori tra cui le condizioni meteorologiche favorevoli durante tutto l'anno e a tariffe dei green relativamente basse e del caddie (portabastoni).

Assada Boutique Hotel - Kata

The new management with the Standard CVS Hotels will start from 1 January 2016, we improved services, created the Lounge Area with fusion restaurant and completed the Wellness Centre with massage, Solarium and Jacuzzi, special Shuttles for customers who purchase the Golf Package for all golf courses on the island