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Welcome to the Paradise
The Andaman is Thailand’s turquoise coast; one of those places you see on a postcard that makes you want to quit your job and live in flip-flops…forever. For once, the beauty exceeds the hype. Pure-white beaches, some of the world's softest sand, cathedral-esque limestone cliffs and hundreds of jungle-covered isles extend down the Andaman Sea from the border of Myanmar to Malaysia. Phuket is the glitzy show-stealer, but head north and you'll uncover world-class dive sites, little-visited isles and Ranong's Thai-Myanmar flavour.
To the south, you can lazily island-hop past karst towers down to the Malaysian border. The catch? The Andaman Coast is no secret and its beaches are becoming increasingly crowded with backpackers, package tourists, high-end jet-setters and everyone in between. Flashy resorts are pushing out the bamboo shacks and authenticity largely now hides in the backwaters. But your postcard dream is still here – if you’re willing to look.
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martial ars and fitness
Vuole la tradizione che le arti di combattimento tailandesi abbiano origine in India, così come il popolo, definito in cinese Ao-Lao, che, attraverso numerose e dure migrazioni, giunse a stanziarsi del territorio del Siam. In realtà l’origine dei futuri Thai, ovvero ‘liberi’, non è così certa: indubbiamente se ne riscontra la presenza nella provincia cinese sud occidentale dello Yunnan, e di qui, a causa dell’espansione dell’Impero Han, si sarebbero divisi: verso l’attuale Birmania, in Vietnam mentre il restante della popolazione costituì, dopo duri scontri contro l’impero dei Khmer, il Muang Thai, l’attuale Thailandia.
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Phuket is a paradise for those needing to stop their busy lives and relax during a holiday. The beaches are a great place to lie in the sun, swim in the clean water and then have a massage. Beach...